Response from experts

Finally , i got the feedback from an expert of music therapy,Ajarn Na. He is a music therapist in Thailand

I told him about my project and ask him if he could collaborate with me .  He told me that he didn’t not directly trained for Bonny GIM and he didn’t know anyone in Thailand that has trained directly in GIM but he can give me some comments and feedback about my work. He also said that in order to collaborate with music therapist to conduct GIM , the therapist must have an approved from GIM association to be able to conduct an intervention otherwise there will be problems for the research and practitioner. So, i asked him that what if my idea is to apply my own modified version of GIM  in class room not to facilitate the full version of GIM, would it be possible for me(as one who’s not directly trained GIM) to conduct the intervention. He answered ” yes, it would be possible but you must state clearly that this is a modified version of GIM and also have to understand throughly about ethical consideration and professional boundaries of Music therapy”.

He also kind enough to send me his article about Continuum of music of health and well-being to allow me to understand more about professional boundaries.



Ajarn Na sent me an article that  is related to ethical considerations in my project . it explained the process of continuum of Music of health and well-being . So, if i choose to focus on Music for well-being in everyday life instead of focusing on Music therapy , i might be able to avoid having problems with ethical conflicts.  This also similar to what Richie have told me that if i don’t have a therapist or therapists to collaborate with me i should avoid the words “therapy” in my question. therefore, according to the article , music engagement is categorized as Music for well-being in everyday life which is similar to what i have done with my intervention as i don’t focus on diagnosed but more likely on experience to upgrade emotional level.

Apart from Ajarn Na, i tried to contact Teacher Nahm to ask him to be my expert and collaborate with me . He told me that he’s not really used to GIM method but he would love to talk to me in a person on this Thursday to give me some feedbacks and the possibilities of collaboration.

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