Contacting stakeholders

Mr. Veera Khaengkasikarn the Deputy permanent secretary of Regional Education  of Office No.2 ,Ministry of education

He is the gatekeeper who can give me an access to schools in Thailand . I went to meet him at Ministry of Education to talk about my project . he seemed very interested in using music to help children in schools . He also said that still there are very few of music therapists who works in Thailand which should be beneficial for students who struggling in schools as it’s something new for them.  So, if i wanted to get into population like problem children he is willing to help me gaining an access.


Chidchong   Nuntananet , Assistant Professor of Silpakorn University(retired)

As i’m having some confusion with my intervention whether method that i should use to conduct my next intervention.She offered me of choices of how to set up my research on next intervention .First, only using qualitative research might not be enough so she suggested me to look in to the Anxiety Test(ST5) from Department of Mental Health of Thailand to help measure the change in stress level.

She also suggested that it would be interesting if i conduct an experiment with problem students(low GPA) as it might be able to see a clearer result which i think it’s totally true as i didn’t see the significant change in the normal students when i conducted an intervention. Therefore, i can compare and contrast with normal students and problems students . Or else, i could just focus on only the problem students and conduct the intervention continuously to see  the change.


Somporn  Warnset , Director of Special Education Center

was recommended by Mr.Veera that i should get to meet her.  she is also the gatekeeper who can access to music therapists as she used to work with therapist to help children with special needs. She recommended me to contact one her collaborator to help with my project.

She has suggestions for my intervention similar to Misses Chidchong that i should use problems students as my target audiences . There was a reminder from her that some of problems children might not fully willing to cooperate with me and i have to be able to handle these kids for the whole hour.

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