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i found an article from this magazine about Thai classical music which is similar to my intervention as the author make use of Thai classical instrument to test his intervention.

Music of the Na-phaat repertoire – the connection of emotion and imagination

The article examines the music of the Na-phaat – the connection of emotion and imagination– through their significance in Thai musical culture on the methodology of qualitative research and Ethnomusicology. The value and significance of the Na-phaat  repertoire stems from its musical characteristics, musical conception, and the artist’s feelings. The repertoire holds the traditional conventions of melody, rhythm, and performance practices to complete the perfection of the ceremony, a theatrical art performance of ‘Khon’ and drama. The style of Na-phaat is the projection of sound force to display the faith towards holiness. Artists have integrated three fundamental beliefs of supernatural power, Brahmanism, and Buddhism in the Na-phaat performance, creating the norms and traditional practices. Performing the Na-phaat repertoire is done through maintaining the structural melody of ‘look khaung.’ Also, it conveys an emotional message and initiates imagination, including the ability to express the inner feeling in the desired directions.


  • What if this could happen in contrary ? What would be like if i test my intervention using Thai classical music to people in the UK and see the reaction?
  • It’s also similar to the GIM’s Bonny session as this project is also about spirituality and inner thoughts“The GIM experience can lead to the development of self-understanding, the ordering of the psyche and the achievement of spiritual insight” (Clark and Keiser, 1986 p 1.) (Clark 2002: 17)”
  • Imagination and self-realization that evokes from Thai classical music

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