First full intervention in school

After we talked on phone , Dr. Pilan  Patipimpakom school director another gatekeeper was very cooperative to grant me a chance using a space in class room to conduct an experiment in school .

Dr Pilan Patimakom(On right hand)

The reason i chose Kovitthamrong school is because it’s the school in my neighborhood and it’s more convenient to coordinate with private school as the director of school has the final say . Unlike public school , the process is quite complicated and take longer time to make them respond to the request.

He provided me a hypothetical class of 10 people of 4th grade children  to come test the intervention with me along with assigned teacher to help me what i need  .  First , i handed a consent letter to everyone to sign including an assigned teacher. Then , the process was begun in four stages. (1), i told them to close their eyes and after that i started the music . (2)i told them to be relax and imagine themselves like they were lying in comfy bed at home. (3)i started to play music and after music begun for a while i told them to think of any place that they want to go and let the music take them there. while on session, i also encouraged them to embrace the music and  asking where they are right now(4)after about 25 minutes i told them to slowly open their eyes and get back to reality and write what they saw on a piece of paper.After finished, i conduct an one on one in depth interview to observe the change in emotional level.

  • How was the experience? How do you feel?
  • How do you resolve the problem when you feel stress?Can you tell me your experience when you are stressed or feel bad?
  • Did you think the session can help you relax stress?how?
  • Would you participate it again if have a chance?

Feedback from students

  • all of them  told me it was playful, melodic , enjoyable and relax, even though this is not music they are familiar with
  • children willingly to cooperate with me
  • Very optimistic when answered my interview
  • what appeared in papers seem like they were in another world
  • most of the stress they have is about work and exam at school and would listening to modern music . i.e, Korean Pop Music
  • they would love to do this again


Limitation of intervention

  • kids too young to express their thoughts in emotional way
  • Time management is quite important as i was a bit out of time , if i have more time , kids would also have more time to write and convey ideas



Feedback from stakeholder ( miss Tuenjai Chaotoh , teacher of Kovitthamrong School)

  • she thinks it’s a process to express inner thoughts which goes well with the music as she felt motivated and alert when listening to music
  • from her experiences , she felt that children can’t express their opinions about depression or stress level accurately as they might be too young to understand
  • It’s an interesting program as music teacher might be able to make use of it
  • Children have chance to talk about emotion and feelings which is not familiar to them
  • they have chance to use imagination integrated with music to come out with reflective writing which help promotes the creativity


  • i also agreed with Miss Tuenjai Chaotoh that the answers might be too general and not insightful as they’re too young to express their opinions and thoughts in emotional way
  • even though , there was not a change in notice level of emotional as these kids seem to be in good mood already , i was surprised that they can use their imagination to conveys their thoughts from what they saw confidently on reflective writing .For example, “i think i was flying with many of birds and then i fell of the sky. while other birds trying to fly , they seem very discouraged , so i say to those birds that do not give up and fly together to the end of sky”.
  • I should also come up with a way to measure the change of development in creativity as surely there was integration of music hearing and imagination
  • Pre-test or pre-interview must be included to observe the change of emotional level
  • i was very nervous as this is the first time for the full session in the real situation
  • the experiment tells me that music is not only essential to the lives  of these students but also in some way highly relating to their achievement both in studying and in school lives . However, it’s not enough to justify any conclusion that wether or not or in what way music can support these students in managing pressure of schools. For such a justification of any conclusion, some modifications and more experiments are needed


Similar project

i found an article from this magazine about Thai classical music which is similar to my intervention as the author make use of Thai classical instrument to test his intervention.

Music of the Na-phaat repertoire – the connection of emotion and imagination

The article examines the music of the Na-phaat – the connection of emotion and imagination– through their significance in Thai musical culture on the methodology of qualitative research and Ethnomusicology. The value and significance of the Na-phaat  repertoire stems from its musical characteristics, musical conception, and the artist’s feelings. The repertoire holds the traditional conventions of melody, rhythm, and performance practices to complete the perfection of the ceremony, a theatrical art performance of ‘Khon’ and drama. The style of Na-phaat is the projection of sound force to display the faith towards holiness. Artists have integrated three fundamental beliefs of supernatural power, Brahmanism, and Buddhism in the Na-phaat performance, creating the norms and traditional practices. Performing the Na-phaat repertoire is done through maintaining the structural melody of ‘look khaung.’ Also, it conveys an emotional message and initiates imagination, including the ability to express the inner feeling in the desired directions.


  • What if this could happen in contrary ? What would be like if i test my intervention using Thai classical music to people in the UK and see the reaction?
  • It’s also similar to the GIM’s Bonny session as this project is also about spirituality and inner thoughts“The GIM experience can lead to the development of self-understanding, the ordering of the psyche and the achievement of spiritual insight” (Clark and Keiser, 1986 p 1.) (Clark 2002: 17)”
  • Imagination and self-realization that evokes from Thai classical music