Test an intervention in UK

After suggestion , even though people in UK is not my target audience, i tried to talk with people around Baker Street area and asked them to give me some feedbacks for my lesson plan . Also , if they could join me for a quick session of GIM session (minimize to 5-10 minutes for music) and some conversation  just to give the general idea about my lesson plan. This is to prepare myself before doing  interventions in Thailand. There were 9 people who i talked to but not all of them fully finish the session( 3 children of age 10-12 and 6 of teenage and young adults) . It took me about 3 hours to finish this.

These are feedbacks that i got

  • Overall everyone said that feel relaxed after listening to the music but there are fews for the kids who said the music could be quite too long if conducted in the full session which takes about 25 min for the music
  • i got the question like am i a doctor or therapist? This is from one of the parent (ethics)
  • Health and well-being section in school or university might be able to make use of it
  • Most of them took sometimes to be able to understand what i’m doing
  • Young adults were be able to express their feedbacks and feelings better than the young ones as it was difficult for them to interpret the feelings by using words
  • one of a guy(19 years old) explained to me that it was like lifting a mountain on his chest as he just got out from the exam room. He felt that the melody of music can make him feel uplifting and be able to get away from the pressure in exam room for a moment.
  • People din’t really show that they were really traveling on the music instead , they describe it as feelings .


  • it was so difficult to make strangers participate on the test , especially when the testers have to close their eyes in public place
  • it would be nice if i have someone working with me to help taking photo or i should have another camera to observe the reactions while i engaged with the tester(as i used my Iphone to play music).
  • i have to remind myself and others that this project is not to aim about healing symptoms of depression but it’s about experience when they get to test the intervention
  • I have to be more confident and be able to express the objective of my intervention clearly
  • i was very nervous as this is the first time on by myself trying to test my intervention with people here in London and also in public

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